Oysters / Mussels


$5.99per lb

These cultured blue mussels are rope grown in the pristine cold water bays and inlets surrounding Prince Edward Island. Cultured blue mussels differ from wild or partially cultured mussels because they spend their entire life span suspended in the water column never touching the bottom or having the opportunity to pick up sand and grit. Being grown off the bottom also allows for better access to the suspended food particles mussels filter from the water which results in fast growth and high meat yields. The result is a fuller mussel; its appearance is clean, shiny blueish black shell, thus making it more attractive for serving right in the shell. These mussels are flavorful, plump, and delicious – but don’t take our word for it try them for yourself.

Note: This product is not available for shipping outside of the State of Florida.

Flavor: Buttery, Mellow Texture: Delicate, Velvety 
EST. $5.99 / 1 lbs

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Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in
Cooking Prep

Sautee, Steam


Buttery, Mellow


Delicate, Velvety


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