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Maine Lobster Tails

$39.80per lb

In the chilly waters of Maine, lobsterman have been trapping and harvesting lobsters one at a time in traps in much the same fashion as their prdecessors have done for generations. Catching lobsters in traps is old fashioned yes, but it is also among the most environmentally sound fishing practices used today. Maine lobster is considered by some the worlds finest, heralded for its firm texture, tender bite, and sweet, succulent meat. These tails need little else other than dipping in some clarified butter and a spritz of lemon to provide one with the ultimate eating experience.

Flavor: Succulent, Sweet Texture: Dense, Firm 

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Additional Information
Weight 0.41 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Cooking Prep

Bake, Boil, Fry, Grill


Succulent, Sweet


Dense, Firm


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