Our Process

Fresh Seafood, Our Customer Promise

At Treasure Coast Seafood, our team is certified and trained to properly monitor receiving, storing, processing and delivery of every order. Our facility is equipped with an integrated and comprehensive sanitation program.




Fish so fresh that you’d swear they’re still swimming—that’s what we look for and demand from our suppliers every day of the year. Our goal is simple: whether we’re buying from local fishermen or purveyors from around the world, we only purchase seafood products that meet our high standards for quality and freshness. With 30 years of experience evaluating seafood, in all kinds of weather and all kinds of markets, we know excellence.




Truckloads of fish and other seafood products arrive at our doors every day. Our staff is diligent about examining the product immediately and rejecting anything that doesn’t meet our standards.  Once under our care, the product is placed in our HACCP approved storage containers and completely covered in ice. Our continuous temperature monitoring system assures that our product remains consistently cool and fresh.




Ice and speed are the name of the game. We process all of our fish under total refrigeration. Fish are pulled from the cooler under ice, brought to the processing room, and all orders are cut by highly skilled fish cutters in less than thirty minutes. Once cut, all orders are packed in insulated coolers with frozen gel-packs, picked-Up by UPS the same day and delivered to you the next day. With our process and delivering system you can be confident you are receiving the freshest product possible.


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