Treasure Coast Seafood Offers the Best Seafood Delivery Online

Treasure Coast Seafood is here to give you the opportunity to order fresh seafood brought to your door right here and right now. Explore our site to order your favorites, warm up the butter, and get ready for some great eating!

Live Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

The cold clean waters of the North Atlantic produce a lobster with such succulent flavor and delicate texture that is hands down a seafood delight.

bluepoint oysters


Pleasantly plump meat with robust flavors that finish like a fine wine is what makes oyster enthusiasts keep coming back for more.

Wester Ross Salmon portions


Whether pan-seared, cooked on a cedar plank, or served on a bun. The robust flavor and delicate texture of salmon always makes for a savory dish.


Stone Crab Claws

The sweet tasting flavor of a Florida Stone Crab Claw is absolutely delicious and the most divine species of seafood harvested off the coast of Florida.

Mahi portions


Firm flakes and sweet succulent flavor of Mahi is simply mouthwatering and one of the most popular fish of choice amongst chef’s and dinners alike.



Exceptional flavor and silky texture in your favorite broth and enough bread for dunking, is why seafood connoisseur’s always enjoy a steaming bowl of mussels.


Blue Crab Meat

Blue Crab’s sweet buttery flavor and mild texture is a delicacy bursting with flavor and a delightful experience for those who have endeavored in this appetizing delight.

Key West Pink Shrimp


Fried, Baked, Sautéed, or Barbecued, the sweet delicate flavors and firm texture of Shrimp blend well with any ingredients, making it the world’s most popular seafood.


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